Program Schedule

  "New York Tonight" live with Rich Keith 
Monday to Friday 8pm (ET, GMT & Tokyo)
rebroadcast 12m to 3am (ET) 7 days , Sunday 9am,Saturday 4pm

Saturdays 8am (ET +5 GMT.) & Monday 4am (ET)

               Lenore Raphael's "Jazz Spot"
                       Sundays 8am & 8pm ET; Saturday 3pm ET;
                   Monday 3am, 9am & 6pm ET
                              Friday 11pm ET...from NYC or "the Road"



 "The Jazz Capitol of the World" 
with Carla Lilien
a long time Jazz Broadcaster from the NY 
Tri- State area and passionate advocate for great music...

Sundays 6 am and 9 pm (ET)  
Saturdays 3 am (ET)
Thursdays 11pm (ET)
Fridays 3am, 9am & 6pm (ET)

 "Doctor K- Jazz" 
Ken Rabac 
  Saturday 10 pm (ET)      
Wednesday  1pm (ET)      

                    Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday    Thursday       Friday             Saturday               Sunday

12:00 AM       NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight         NY Tonight           NY Tonight

1:00 AM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight          NY Tonight           NY Tonight

2:00 AM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight          NY Tonight           NY Tonight

3:00 AM         Jazz Spot   Sound Moves    Latin Persp    Tea4Two    Carla Lilien         Carla Lilien          Desert Island

4:00 AM       Chris Walker   S,S & ATJ     Jazz Is       Evrlsting Jazz    Carla Lilien     Carla Lilien           Desert Island

5:00 AM       Jazz Lounge   PJR Music   PJR Music    Bill Quinn      Todd's TT         Swingtime         Desert Island

6:00 AM       Jazz Lounge   PJR Music    PJR Music   Bill Quinn   Freewheeling       Swingtime            Carla Lilien

7:00 AM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight        Anything Goes     Carla Lilien

8:00 AM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight        Chris Walker        Jazz Spot

10:00 AM       NY Tonight   NY Tonight  NY Tonight    NY Tonight      NY Tonight        S, S & ATJ          NY Tonight

10:00 AM      Jazz Spot    Sound Moves   Latin Persp   Tea4Two    Carla Lilien          Todd's TT        NY Tonight

11:00 AM      PJR Music   Evrlsting Jazz Jazz Lounge  Spotlight      Carla Lilien       Evrlsting Jazz         NY Tonight

12:00 PM      Sinatra M&M    Desert Island  Jazz Lounge Desert Island  Tea4Two      Desert Island        Desert Island 

1:00 PM        Bill Quinn    Desert Island    Dr. K -      Desert Island    Jazz Is        Desert Island         Desert Island 

2:00 PM        Bill Quinn    Desert Island    Dr. K -      Desert Island   Sound Moves          Desert Island        Desert Island 

3:00 PM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight         Jazz Spot             Tea4Two

4:00 PM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight         NY Tonight           Swingtime 

5:00 PM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight         NY Tonight           Swingtime 

6:00 PM        Jazz Spot     Sound Moves  Latin Persp    Tea4Two    Carla Lilien         NY Tonight      Sound Moves

7:00 PM         Jazz Is    Spotlight Sinatra  Todd's TT    Freewheeling   Carla Lilien         Anything Goes      Sinatra M&M  

8:00 PM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight         Chris Walker            Jazz Spot

9:00 PM        NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight         Sinatra M&M     Carla Lilien

10:00 PM      NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight    NY Tonight         Dr. K - Jazz             Carla Lilien

11:00 PM    Sound Moves   Latin Persp    Tea4Two      Carla Lilien   Jazz Spot          Dr. K - Jazz            Two4Jazz

The Pure Jazz Radio weekly schedule at a glance....
We lost Sheila Tracy in 2014. "Swingtime" will run indefinately  in her honor.  ....Tune in  Saturdays at 5am (ET) and Sunday at 4pm (ET).
"Sound Moves"
with Ray Parker
  Monday 11pm
Tuesday 3am, 9am, 6pm
       Sunday 6pm       
Friday 2pm
   (all eastern time)

Desert Island Jazz with Dave May
     Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 12pm ET, Sunday 3am
Classic and contemporary straight-ahead jazz spanning 1950 to the present

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Saturdays 7am,  7pm (all ET)
"Todd's Turntable" with Todd Gordon  from Edinburgh, Scotland...featuring the great
Jazz Vocalists.  Wednesday 7pm,Friday 5am, Saturday 10 am ET
Ex-WNEWer Bill Quinn can be heard Mondays at 1pm ET. and Thursdays 5am ET
1934 - 2014
Henry comes your way from Cape Town, South Africa Saturday 9am ET and Tuesday 4am ET
"Freewheeling Jazz" from Montreal, Canada with Play It Again Sam.. Thursday 7pm ET and Friday 6pm ET
The Jazz Lounge
from Scotland with Grace Black
Monday 5am ET and Wednesday 11am ET
 "Everlasting Jazz from The Netherlands" with host John Kreuger. John can be heard Tuesday 11am ET; Thursday 4am ET and Saturday 11am ET
Trumpeter and Jazz Presenter Chris Hodgkins joins Pure Jazz Radio with "Jazz Is"  Listen for Chris 7pm ET Monday; 4am ET Wednesday and Friday 1pm ET
"Jazz Spotlight on Sinatra" with Nancy Ann can heard Tuesday at 7pm ET and Thursday 11am (ET)
"Tea for Two" from Washington State featuring
Laurie Allyn and Carrie Pierce

Listen in Wednesday 11pm; Thursday 3am, 10am;
6pm; Friday 12 noon and Sunday 3pm 

"Sinatra, The Man and The Music"
Hosted  by Guy Steele

This program features recordings, radio and television appearances, and live performances. Also included are excerpts from interviews with Sinatra himself, as well as commentary from arrangers, musicians, songwriters and others who worked with him during his long career.

Listen in Monday 11am ET; Saturday 8pm ET and Sunday 7pm ET

Sinatra – The Man And The Music will be airing a special series of programs featuring Ed
Walters, who was the Pit Boss at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas during the
During his years at the Sands, Ed observed firsthand everything that went on, and shares
the true facts of what actually happened with some behind-the-scenes stories you won’t
read about in a book. Ed knew Frank Sinatra well, and his remembrances about Sinatra,
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Las Vegas during that era are fascinating.
Tune in to Sinatra – The Man And The Music between April 21 and May 11 to hear this
three-part series – exclusively on Pure Jazz Radio.
"Jazz with a Latin Perspective"        with Tony Vasquez  Tuesday 11pm, Wednesday 4am, 10am, 6pm ET; Sat 9pm.