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Pure Jazz Radio
celebrating our 13th anniversary (1-1-22) of great Jazz Radio and
Thanking our listeners, around the world, for making it possible

Pure Jazz Radio thanks YOU for your support.
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  • Check out our new Play Button in the upper left hand corner of each page of our website

On your desktop or laptop computer, you do not need to go to the PJR website to play the station. If you are using an application like WinAmp or Realplayer do the following:

Go to "File" and enter the URL: 
(you may have to use the tag /listen.pls depending on your set up)

Now, any time you want to listen, simply startup your application and click on your Bookmarked address. No need to go to multiple web sites or login. Enjoy! 

Mobile Tips:

Now that there is a new streaming service, it is time to update the instructions for access via a mobile device like a SmartPhone (Windows Mobile, Android, etc.) or iPhone:

1. You need an “app.” 
Those of you with iPhones or Droid phones know what I mean but the concept is similar for other systems. With the new service, we are now freed from the need to use only Microsoft Windows Media Player. I am using StreamFurious on my new Droid but I believe many other streaming media players will work. What you need to do is enter the following URL for the station:
(on reciva.com, and other services to program internet radios, use the above with the tag: /listen.pls

2. Warning ... you need an unlimited or very generous data plan............

Taking in streaming music means you will be moving many megabytes of data. If you do not have an unlimited data plan then keep an eye on your bill. The cellular carriers will take your first born child, in overage charges, if your plan does not accommodate a lot of data downloading.

3. Pure Jazz Radio on the road!

a. Use the Aux port

Many newer cars today have jacks in them intended to plug in MP3 players or iPod’s. Well, the same jack can work for your phone audio. Simply run a cable from you phone’s headphone jack to the car’s audio input jack. By the way, many cars call this jack the AUX (or auxiliary) input jack.

b. Volume… 

You may want to play with the volume controls on your cell phone and those on your car stereo system. You may find you get a noisy audio signal if your cell phone volume is cranked up to the max. If you find this is the case, simply back down the volume a little on the cell phone.

c. Power consumption

I suggest you keep your cell phone plugged into your lighter for power while running Pure Jazz Radio live. Running this application otherwise will drain your battery faster than having the phone idle

d. Loss of signal

Alas, the cell phone companies have figured out that it is cheaper to get you to buy their service by turning the phone into a camera than to provide robust cellular coverage. As such, you may occasionally lose coverage from time to time and see the dreaded “Buffering” message on your player. Have patience, a new cell tower will come in range again soon and you will be back in action with your favorite music from Pure Jazz Radio.

Thank you to my tech guru Mitch Maiman for this information....



I was recently given an IPOD Touch and thought you would be interested on how to load Pure Jazz Radio into a free app for listening live through the IPODs WiFi connection.An IPhone may work to but I am not sure of network support at this time on various carries for internet streaming.

It requires the use of a WiFi connection on the IPOD Touch. Once connected to the internet simply go to the ITunes store and search for an application called Radio Lite. This is a free app which includes 1000's of radio stations including Shoutcast Streaming audio which Pure Jazz Radio is hosted by.

1)  Download the Tunein Radio application from the ITunes store

2)  Look for the Tunein Radio application in the IPOD Touch desktop and select it

3)  Wait for the directories to appear and then select SHOUTcast(TM) Radio

4) Select the Jazz category which is alphabetically listed

5) Look down the list until you find Pure Jazz Radio (under the "Ps") and select it

6) The station will start playing after a few seconds (and maybe a commercial).

7) You can save the address for Pure Jazz Radio in a favorites directory by pushing the * star in the upper right hand corner of the player window and click add to favorites.

Thanks to Ray Parker, host of Sound Moves on Pure Jazz Radio for this information.


Pure Jazz radio, in existence only since January 1, 2009, is currently attracting several thousand listeners a month from all over the world.  PJR has become a haven for like minded Jazz Fans (singers, musicians, promoters, societies, club owners, writers, and listeners), many of whom actively participate in helping PJR get out the word on the Jazz Scene worldwide.

Our vision for the future includes: studios and offices (including a performance studio for recording and live broadcasts); live programming with paid and volunteer personnel; the capacity to receive and stream programming from anywhere in the world; involvement in, and eventual sponsorship of, Jazz related events; promotion of Jazz Education in schools; and internships for broadcasting and music students from local colleges here in the New York area.

As I say on Pure Jazz Radio: "We are a lean operation, but do have expenses". These expenses include streaming and internet service; royalties; equipment maintenance; and production costs.  While I have personally absorbed most of these costs, with some help from generous listeners, growth into the above areas will require funding from other sources.

Feel free to contact me anytime with any comments or your ideas.


Artists and Promoters are welcome to submit CDs to 
Pure Jazz Radio for consideration for airplay. We 
prefer to receive the actual CD so contact the station
for out mailing address for music service... 


More updates to follow as available.....

Rich Keith, GM 
Pure Jazz Radio

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artwork by Jean Davis